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29 December 2010 @ 10:04 pm
Finally after many months without an entry I wanted to make something special. So to finish this year I thought that it would be interesting to post picspam from various legends of Hollywood. Enjoy ^^

Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Paul Newman, Julie Andrews, Charlie Chaplin, Robert Redford...


Audrey Hepburn

Julie Andrews :

Paul Newman :

Marilyn Monroe :

James Dean :

Robert Redford :

Charlie Chaplin :

Charlie Chaplin wallpaper :

James Dean wallpaper :

And finally the last ones because I'm fascinated by James Dean, these pics from Phil Stern


Credits : peak77 from an old site Simply Classic and finally various pics from Google and personal pics.
======================================= Comments are welcome :)====================
mood: bored
juliahearts: kate~titanicjuliahearts on December 29th, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)
ahhh so flawless <3
mali_mariemali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:50 pm (UTC)
gloomy_heaven: merlingloomy_heaven on December 29th, 2010 09:16 pm (UTC)
Awesome picspam, love the colours and the pic choice. Wonderful work :)
mali_marie: ewan colormali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:50 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much, glad you like them :)
Devoted driver750virago on December 29th, 2010 09:18 pm (UTC)
Absolutely gorgeous spam <333
mali_marie: marion c photoshoot en B&Wmali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)
Iris: [movies] paul newmanpierhias on December 29th, 2010 09:28 pm (UTC)
Paul Newman <3
mali_marie: paulmali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
AutumnVerse: *happy*autumnverse on December 29th, 2010 09:32 pm (UTC)
Absolutely gorgeous ♥
mali_marie: greasemali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you :)
maichan: yvonne profilemaichan on December 29th, 2010 09:48 pm (UTC)
Such a gorgeous set! I loved all the actors and actresses you included as well, Paul Newman especially.
mali_marie: crowe black and whitemali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:51 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your message :)
小鬼: £boo on December 29th, 2010 10:50 pm (UTC)
wow, i do not know much about old glamour but this is sooo beuatiful <3
mali_marie: east of eden jdmali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your message :)
Daylightdaylight_broke on December 29th, 2010 11:50 pm (UTC)
Pretty picspam of awesome people. Love the cute image of James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor together on the set of GIANT. :)
mali_marie: james dean colormali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:52 pm (UTC)
Thank you, glad you like them :)
Whitwhitkj22 on December 30th, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
Beautiful <3
mali_marie: merlinmali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:53 pm (UTC)
red jane: [dean] baby don't goglasgowgrin on December 30th, 2010 05:43 am (UTC)
Those last two of James always take my breath away, even though I've seen them countless times. ♥
mali_marie: james dean colormali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:53 pm (UTC)
I know, thanks ^^♥♥
(Deleted comment)
mali_marie: colin firthmali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:53 pm (UTC)
Glad you like them :)
doritosaddictdoritosaddict on December 30th, 2010 07:38 pm (UTC)
James Dean ♥ So many pretty and talented people I adore; Julie, Marilyn, Robert, Paul.

It's obvious you had to be extremely beautiful to make it, back in the day.
mali_marie: friends forevermali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:54 pm (UTC)
Aww you're so sweet, glad you like them :)
totallyclassics: Gene Tierneytotallyclassics on February 7th, 2011 10:48 am (UTC)
This post is beautiful.I love your coloring and the way you framed the pictures.Audrey Hepburn,Marilyn Monroe,Paul Newman <3
mali_marie: out of africamali_marie on February 20th, 2011 02:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your nice comment, glad you like them :)
rocio_mercuryrocio_mercury on February 20th, 2011 06:10 pm (UTC)
this is amazing !! well done !
mali_marie: Russell in GQ britishmali_marie on February 20th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your nice comment, glad you like it :D
Maerhysmaerhys on February 15th, 2012 07:26 am (UTC)
absolutely gorgeous picspam; bookmarking!
Andy.: fuck merefrigeraptor on May 26th, 2012 10:36 pm (UTC)
they are all gorgeous. specially the james dean ones