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peak77's Journal

PEAK 77 - a fanart and resource community
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fanarts, screencaps, textures, icons, pictures, wallpapers, banners....
Welcome to peak77!

The graphic and fanart community of rhcp_csi and mali-marie
You will find our icons, wallpapers, textures and screencaps here.

Feel free to W A T C H or J O I N our community!
PLEASE CREDIT - the maker or the community if you use our icons or graphics
WE ♥ COMMENTS - tell us what you like and support us with your comments
NO HOTLINKING - please always upload graphics to sites like tinypic.com
DO NOT ALTER - please do not alter our grahpics; textless icons are NOT bases
Please don't post our work in FORUMS, FANPOP.com or any other websites without our explicit consent!

community layout by estiloamor


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